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Please be aware our normal orders are currently taking a little bit longer than expected to create due to us working on this project. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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All Kewpies have a drop down menu for you to choose to have them just as a doll, or on a straight stick or a hooked cane.

The Original Kewpie Co

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The Original Kewpie Co

Everyone loves a pretty mermaid...Now available in more colours!

The Original Kewpie Co
The Original Kewpie Co
The Original Kewpie Co
The Original Kewpie Co

Mermaid Kewpie

Mermaid Kewpies, an Australian Original Kewpie creation from 2017 

The Original Kewpie Co Kewpie Dolls are 15cm tall plastic dolls with 9cm waist circumference, pretty gold hair, big beautiful eyes with big black eyelashes, perfect red lips and painted gold shoes in the Original Kewpie Co branded style.

We can do any coloured glitter thats in stock. Email us if you’d like a custom creation

*Colours, patten, & material may vary slightly from the photo. The Original Kewpie Co reserve the right to substitute the material if its unavailable.


Watch our Nan & Mum on the Channel 9 Today Show with our Kewpies...

Kewpie Memories

Kewpie Dolls live in the hearts of many adults who remember playing with them as a child...

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The Original Kewpie Co

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The Original Kewpie Co

Kewpies twirling on sticks

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