The Original Kewpie Co


Send a Kewpie for Christmas!

Send "Sophia the Christmas Kewpie on a stick" to loved ones this Christmas. 

Sophia, the Christmas Kewpie Doll, is dressed in a one of a kind design by The Original Kewpie Co.  Silver Glitter Bodice, Red Tulle Tutu skirt with a fancy Christmas themed lace trim and a fabulous silver bow headdress. An Original Kewpie Creation from 1923.

Sophia loves the colour Red and she loves celebrating Christmas on the 25th of December!

The Original Kewpie Co Kewpie Dolls are 15cm tall plastic dolls with 9cm waist circumference, pretty gold hair, big beautiful eyes with big black eyelashes, perfect red lips and painted gold shoes in the Original Kewpie Co branded style.


*Colours, patten, & material may vary slightly from the photo. The Original Kewpie Co reserve the right to substitute the material if its unavailable.



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